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CQC – Qicheng Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd (Briefly CQC) makes every effort to ensure that the information published on its homepage (websites) is up-to-date and error-free. Nevertheless, information may be missing or incorrect. CQC has no influence on the use of the content published on the websites by the user. Therefore, CQC is not liable for direct or indirect damages that may result from the information or the use of this information. CQC makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on this website. In particular, users should be aware that this information may no longer be current. For this reason, information available on this website should be checked before being used in any way whatsoever.

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CQC does not check all other sites of other providers connected with the CQC websites. Therefore, a liability for their contents is excluded. The terms of use of the respective provider apply to these sites of other providers. The use of these websites, even if links from the CQC websites refer to these websites, is always at the user's own risk.

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This website is controlled, operated and maintained by CQC. It is intended for international use. CQC does not, however, guarantee that the information presented on this website is correct worldwide, in particular that products and services are available worldwide in the same appearance, size and under the same conditions. If this website is accessed and/or content is downloaded, users themselves are responsible for ensuring that this is in compliance with local laws applicable in their place of residence. The products mentioned on this website may have different product characteristics, packaging, labelling and marking in different countries. This applies in particular to the product catalogue supplied on the website. This may contain references or cross references to specific CQC products and services which are not available in individual countries or are available in different versions.

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